Shreya Shah

San Francisco

Pranam Panditji.

My name is Shreya Shah and I live in San Francisco. I am really happy to be part of Tapovan E Pathshala.

Generally, it is best to take Gyan in person with Guru, however, it is not possible for people like me. You are feeling the void in my life and giving/teaching Jainism tatva which I would not have learned otherwise.

I have done JeevVichar, Dandak, Laghu Sangrahani, Karma Granth 1 with Tapovan.

I will not be able to join parivarik Milan as it will 3 in the morning for me.

Aap na aa Gyan dan mate tapovan na sau paditiji ni hu Khub Khub runi Chu.

Only one request is to keep some classes between 6 am to 9 am India time. This is the only time suitable for us. India night time, is a work day here.

If possible record the parivarik Milan and share on You Tube or on this whatapp group.

Michhami Dukkadam if I said something to hurt anyone or wrote anything which is not per Jinagna.