Shrimad Vijay Premsurishwarji Sanskrit Pathshala

In the times when ignorance, chaos and darkness are spreading in all four directions, Cyclones of change are blowing, Values of humanity are being forgotten, Religion is being destroyed, Virtues, rites and culture are moving towards destruction if there is something that can save the world it is only and only real understanding. Knowledge of real religion  “Dharma Gnyaan” only can make this earth blissful. It now seems that only knowledge of religious scriptures is the unerring weapon. Shree Premsurishwarji Sanskrit Pathshala has been established for protection of virtues, rites and culture, for saving the legacy of religion and values of humanity, for protection of Jain Sangh and values of Jain Religion “ Jain Religious knowledge, protection of good virtues, lessons of culture along with value filled education is being presented to all the members of the sangh to habituate them to the path of knowledge.

Managed By : Sheth shree Kantilal Lallubhai Zaveri Sanskruti Pracharak Trust.
Foundation : By Shree Prafulbhai on behalf of late mother Shree Shubhadraben Kantilal Pratapshi, mother of Param Pujya Pravar Chandrashekharvijay Maharaj saheb and Sadhvi Shree Mahanandashreeji.
Divyashishdata : Yug Pradhan Acharya Sam Param Pujya Panyas Pravar Shree Chandrashekharvijay Maharaj  Saheb.
Prernadata : Shrutgyanpremi Param Pujya  Aacharyadev  Shrimad Vijay Jitrakshitsurishwarji  Maharaj Saheb.

Depth thinking and conversation with Gurubhagwant and Sadhu, Sadhviji (Saints of Jain Religion) on 11/10/1993 Tapovan Sanskar Pith Shrimad Vijay Premsurishwarji Sanskrit Pathshala came into existence.

  • Put great efforts to specially prepare the children who have come to learn Samyag Gyan.
  • Those who want to march towards the path of charitra and preparation of professors who can teach various scriptures to the Pujya Sadhu and Sadhviji Bhagwants.
  • Awesome study of Sanskrit, Prakrit, Nyaya, Vyakaran Astrology etc various topics taught by proficient professors.
  • Classes of English, Computers, Rhythm, Dance, Speech, Gymnastics, Personality Development, Accounts etc. practical subjects.
  • Special Scholarships each month for every student as per their education.
  • Absolutely free lodging and food for all admitted students.
  • Arrangements for Burden free practical education along with religious studies by experienced teachers for students who wish to study in standards 5th to 10th.
  • Appropriate placement for Students graduating from the institute.
  • Awesome effort by the institute to promote samyaggnyaan in India and abroad with the use of modern technology.